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Easiest Flu Fighter

Easiest Flu Fighter

December 20
04:54 2010

Easiest Flu Fighter

The flu has everyone concerned as we are quickly coming up to flu season.
Many people are concerned with flu treatment, although the best way to avoid flu
treatment is to avoid catching the flu altogether. You can take a flu shot if
you are concerned about catching the flu. In generally, flu is not dangerous to
those with a healthy immune system, although for those who are younger, older or
who have compromised immune systems, a flu shot is recommended. You can get the
flu shot at drug store clinics as well as from your doctor.

However, just because you get a flu shot does not necessarily mean you will
not get the flu. A flu shot only protects you from one strain of the flu. There
are usually several strains each year that go around. Another way to avoid the
flu is to keep your immune system healthy. Get plenty of rest, eat properly and
also be sure to avoid negative habits like smoking that tend to lower your
immune system.

If you do happen to catch the flu, the best flu treatment is to get plenty of
rest as well as keep in fluids. One of the problems with getting the flu is that
it can progress into a more dangerous condition such as dehydration. This can be
especially dangerous for older people as well as youngsters. Drink plenty of
fluids as part of your flu treatment.

Flu treatment also means that you get plenty of rest. Stay in bed and keep
warm and avoid going to work. You should make sure that your flu treatment also
entails you not spreading the flu to others. You should take off time from work
when you are sick, especially if you have a fever.

In addition, flu treatment such as drinking hot tea can also help. Hot green
tea can help you replenish your fluids and also tends to warm you. You should
avoid drinking milk or eating dairy when you have a fever as this can make you
nauseous. Have soups when you are seeking flu treatment as well as they will
also provide you with nutrients that you need while not being too heavy on your
stomach. You should eat light when you are looking for foods to eat during flu

If your flu treatment does not seem to be working after a week, or if you
feel that you are getting sicker and may have a secondary infection such as
bronchitis or possibly pneumonia, you need to seek the care of a doctor.
Generally, there is not much that can be done medically for flu treatment,
although in cases where a secondary infection develops, then you should seek
medical care.

There are also over the counter medicines that you can take for flu
treatment. They generally help you sleep without coughing and can make the
symptoms of the flu appear less severe. The cure to the flu is time and in most
cases, you will feel better in a week after you have come down with the flu.



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