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Are You At Risk for Heart Disease?

Are You At Risk for Heart Disease?

December 20
04:52 2010

Are You At Risk for Heart Disease?

There are a variety of factors that predispose you to heart disease. Your
family history forms the genetic base while your surroundings and habits form
the lifestyle base. Healthy habits and thoughts that allow for peaceful living
are the key to heart health. Understand the effect of your thoughts on heart
health in addition to correcting the lifestyle factors surrounding you. Treat
your lifestyle as a set of habit patterns that can be altered to avert heart
disease and enjoy an active life with good heart health.

Genetic factors

If either or both of your parents are patients of heart disease, you will be
genetically predisposed to developing the same problems. You can control the
genetic factors by involving yourself in exercise and a heart health appropriate
diet plan. Choose any exercise that includes stretching and warm-ups as a part
of the plan.

Age and sex

Men tend to be more prone to heart disease, than women. It has long been
maintained that men above the age of forty need to be conscious of heart health.
Changing lifestyles and habits that include sedentary work and overeating,
television watching and eating are reducing the age at which the disease makes
itself apparent at a young age. It is wise to be conscious of heart health early


Stress results primarily from your mental and emotional reactions to events.
A stressed person tends to see circumstances as beyond their control. This leads
to a surge of chemicals every time the brain registers a fear or flee situation.
If your heart rate increases in panic on several occasions in the course of a
day, it is a signal of the increased possibility of heart disease. Train your
brain to see new events as learning situations that can be managed for better
heart health.

Smokers be aware

If you are a smoker, you face an increased risk of heart disease. Studies
have found the narrowing of blood vessels due to nicotine and the damage caused
by carbon monoxide to cause heart disease. Besides, being dangerous for you,
consider the effect on the heart health of your family and co-workers in whose
presence you light up.


If you love your television screen at the end of a hard day’s work, place a
cycle in front of it. The activity can help keep heart disease at bay. Replace
fries with pop corn as it is good for your digestive system and helps control
cholesterol to contribute to heart health.

Increase activity

So, you have started cycling and reduced your evening lot of fries. An
important aspect of avoiding heart disease is to undertake activities at a
gradual and consistent pace. You may start with ten minutes of cycling and
increase the amount of time by five minutes every week until you reach half an
hour or forty five minutes to keep heart disease at bay. Now, improve your heart
health by increasing the pace at which you cycle in the time. Spend at least
fifteen minutes every day in quiet meditation by concentrating on your breath
for improving heart health.



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