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Simple Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Simple Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

December 20
04:50 2010

Simple Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a typical sign of the ills of the lifestyle you have
adopted till now. The health tips below can help you get back on the road to
fitness and good health if you follow them in a well defined manner and the
advice of a medical practitioner. Low activity, immoderate alcohol or caffeine
consumption, undisciplined eating habits and poor rest patterns contribute to
increased stress and blood pressure. If you have this problem despite a healthy
lifestyle with careful eating and activity included, consider these health tips
as a way to good health.

Physical care

If you are in the inactive category of blood pressure patients, the most
important of health tips is – start slow. Incorporate activity in the first half
hour of your day. Depending on your doctor’s advice, you may choose to restrict
your activity to stretching and a short walk or running. If you are overweight,
your doctor will advice you about the required weight level you should be at
before you start strenuous activity. You will have to follow a regimented diet
with fixed timings so that the system does not come under stress and increase
the blood pressure. Habits related to digestion form the most important health
tips to get back to being well.

Thought care

Be careful of your flow of thoughts to control your blood pressure. If you
want to know why these health tips are relevant try to sit in a place and shut
your eyes. Think of the last time you had a fight with your boss or your spouse.
What are the reactions you feel as the images and words come back to memory?
Your breath quickens as does your heart rate. If you faced difficult
circumstances in your childhood, the memory of those times can cause you
distress and lead to quickened high blood pressure. That is the reason why these
health tips talk about allowing only positive thoughts to enter your brain and
learning to accept the presence of negative events as things of the past or
training given to you by life.

Breath care

Breath care should be done to counter blood pressure issues and forms an
important part of the health tips to counter your problems. Be aware that you
can do simple techniques like sitting quietly and be mindful of your breath or
go through a session of meditation. It is important to note that the health tips
should be followed taking your mental state into consideration. The process of
meditation should not be done without expert advice to control your blood
pressure if you are in a state of depression or require medication for parallel

Personal care

These health tips call attention to the state of your emotional self. Your
blood pressure is connected with the state of your feelings. If you have a
chronically ill patient whom you tend to or are facing a downhill career trend
or are going through a divorce, you must see the connection between the event
and your health. These health tips need you to track your habits with respect to
rest, food and beverage consumption and place limits to keep your blood pressure
in check.



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