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Want to Be Happier, Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Want to Be Happier, Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

December 20
04:49 2010

Want to Be Happier, Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Diseases related to immunity and organ health have our rest habits at the
base. Good sleep allows the cells across the body to renew and ready themselves
for the activities of the next day. It allows you to wake up the next morning
with a feeling of freshness and allows you to be happy with simple pleasures
like brewing a cup of coffee. Good sleep involves the amount of rest required to
make you feel fresh. Oversleeping does not qualify for this experience. When you
wake in the morning you should be happy and willing to start your


If you find it difficult to get a good sleep try to lie in bed in a darkened
room of suitable temperature. Focus on a single chant and repeat it over and
over again. You should feel comfortable and soothed as you do this. Be happy
that you have chosen to rest your tired body and revel in the feelings that come
with lying supine. Rest your worries with the assurance that you will find
solutions even as you sleep and be happy. If distressing events surround you,
accept that they are beyond your control and decide that a good sleep will help
you find the right solutions.

Physical posture

Choose a posture that your body finds comfortable. You may be in the habit of
sleeping on your side but if you are facing pain in your shoulder, lie prone. Is
your neck comfortable when you do this? If not, remove the pillow and review the
physical experience. The need for good sleep must factor in the comfort in the
posture adopted for sleeping. When your body is comfortable, you can be happy
about the quality of rest. When you sleep in a deep state with minimal change in
your posture, the body might stiffen and create a feeling of discomfort thereby
affecting good sleep. Your ability to be happy with the quality of the night’s
rest is dependent on sensitivity to bodily needs.


Wind down your day to get a good sleep with effective planning. You may be
able to identify a specific time period when you know you would be happy to fall
into a deep sleep. Ensure that you are able to lie down half an hour before this
time. Lie down to read a soothing book or write out your experiences of the day.
When you feel that your eyes are beginning to droop, continue to write. When you
can write no longer, switch off the light. An alternative for good sleep is to
drink a little warm milk before you lie down. The tryptophan induces restfulness
and you will find that you can be happy with the good rest you have

Stress free

Do try to overcome the feelings of stress related to work and family before
you try to achieve a good sleep. It is worthwhile to check your reactions to
events for whether you feel that they are out of your control. Accept that you
can be happy only when you try to manage the factors that are within your
control and let go of those that are beyond you. If you are in a state of
conflict it is difficult to get good sleep. Allow yourself to be happy by
letting go of what you can.



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