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Boost Your Brainpower in 4 Weeks

Boost Your Brainpower in 4 Weeks

December 20
04:48 2010

Boost Your Brainpower in 4 Weeks

If you have been having trouble remembering things or learning new
information, chances are that you will want to increase your brainpower. But how
can you do this? There is a simple brain training method that you can use to
increase your brainpower in as little as four weeks. How? By using a combination
of exercises and diet that feed your mind and force it to think and make new
connections to keep you on top of your game.

The idea of brain training may not be one that you are familiar with, but as
you age, you should be. Brain training should be fun, not hard. There are a
number of games that can challenge you and help increase your brainpower so that
your mind stays sharp.

When you are brain training, consider that your mind is like a muscle. If you
sit on the couch and do nothing, your muscles will wither and become much
weaker. It can become difficult to do simple tasks that you may have been able
to do. Brain training is the same way. By treating your brain as the muscle that
you want to work, you can increase your brainpower through targeted exercises
and activities. And the wonderful thing about brain training is that you don’t
even break a sweat.

Week one, you should begin to eat better. Consider cutting back on alcohol.
Alcohol has been proven to kill brain cells which can seriously impact your
brainpower. An impaired brain will not respond as effectively to brain training.
Also consider cutting back on refined sugar since it is only empty calories.
Everyone has had an experience where they ate too much sugar and suddenly
crashed, becoming lethargic and incapable of the kind of complex thinking brain
training requires.

Replace alcohol and refined sugars with foods such as salmon, lean protein
and whole grains. Look for foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These
support brain development and can really help you increase your brainpower even
if you never do any brain training. They can also provide necessary energy over
a long time period that will allow you to work at brain training without
becoming fatigued and burnt out.

Week two, begin to increase physical exercise. A healthy mind in a sound body
is a tried and true statement. If your body is ill and lacks energy, brain
training effectively will be impossible. Look for exercises that get your heart
rate up and your blood pumping. You should also think about taking your exercise
outdoors whenever possible. New surroundings can be a form of brain training as
your mind tries to remember the route you have chosen or is stimulated by the
new surroundings.

Weeks three and four, start the serious brain training. At this point, you
should be feeling energized and ready to go. There are games on the market which
are specifically designed to boost brainpower through concentrated brain
training. There are websites which can give you some excellent activities and
can test how far you have come.

You want to look at improving your short term memory. Try looking at random
numbers in the phone book for one minute and then try to write down as many as
you remember. Telephone numbers are often ten digits long, which is the most
that the average brain can remember easily.

Any activities which challenge your memory or entail learning a new skill can
help improve your brainpower. Different activities will improve different parts
of your brain which can help you overall. You don’t want to focus on one area of
the brain only. Consider activities like learning to play a musical instrument.
Complex exercises like learning an instrument can be some of the best brain
training exercises around.

It is well worth the time and effort that you put into increasing your
brainpower. Finding ways to increase brainpower and stay young for as long as
possible can help improve your quality of life immeasurably.



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