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Power Up Your Memory

Power Up Your Memory

December 20
04:45 2010

Power Up Your Memory

Having a bad memory can be frustrating. At least, it would be frustrating if
you remember that your memory is bad. Sooner or later you will realize what many
of the people around you have been trying to tell you: you need to improve
memory skills. But you may not understand how you can improve your memory. After
all, it’s your memory and you may think you are stuck with it.

This is not the case. There are a number of memory exercises that you can do
which are designed to help improve memory areas such as short and long term
memory. When you improve memory, you will be able to have a much easier time
learning new information and a better chance to retain it.

If you are trying to improve memory here are some exercises that you can try.
Any exercises that you can do that make your brain work can help improve memory
function because they are getting your brain working again. You can try playing
the game memory, which many of you remember from childhood. This game is played
by setting out a series of cards face down. Each card has a double and your goal
is to locate matching pairs by flipping cards over two at a time. This forces
your brain to start remembering where certain cards were located. As you play
the game more frequently you should notice that you improve memory function.

Another idea to build memory power is to use a list of numbers that have been
written down. Try staring at them for a predetermined length of time like a
minute or two. Take the list away and try to write down as many numbers as you
can remember. As you improve, memory will allow you to recall more and more
numbers. Remember to use a different list each time so that you get a clear idea
of whether your memory is improving. Another way to improve memory is to try
memorizing poetry or other items. Learning new information can be an excellent
way to help improve memory.

There is yet other ways to improve memory that have nothing to do with
performing mental exercises. You can improve memory by reducing stress which has
been proven to have a negative impact on memory and brain function in general.
Improve memory using diet and exercise as well. If you want to improve memory,
all you need to do is engage in regular physical exercise and improve your diet.
To improve memory you need a diet that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and made
of lean protein, whole grains and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

By improving your physical condition using diet, reducing stress and
performing a range of memory building activities you should begin to see a
definite increase in the amount of information your memory can retain. You will
be amazed at how much this can improve your quality of life in general.



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