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Temper Tantrum Tamers

Temper Tantrum Tamers

December 20
04:04 2010

Temper Tantrum Tamers

Many children exhibit bad behavior beginning at around age two. This is a
very normal part of growing up as at this age, a child begins to want to become
more independent. They realize that they are their own person and not just a
part of you and seek ways to exert that independence. Many children at this age
start to throw a temper tantrum every time they do not get their own way.

The temper tantrum is usually very disconcerting, to say the least, for
parents. This is especially true because it is done in the presence of others
who look on with shock and horror. No place is safe when it comes to a child
throwing a temper tantrum- the supermarket, the bank, a party – anywhere. In
fact, it seems that the more a parent may be on guard from bad behavior of the
child, the worse the behavior gets.

So what is a parent to do when their little darling starts exhibit the bad
behavior that suddenly seems to turn them into a little monster? There are many
ways to handle bad behavior in children. The number one way is to not react with
your own bad behavior.

One way to handle a temper tantrum is not to react at all. This is best when
the child is in a place where they are disturbing as few people as possible.
Obviously, you do not want to just ignore them when they are putting on this
display at church, a restaurant or other place when they are truly annoying
others. Bad behavior usually starts at home. The best thing to do is to ignore
the temper tantrum until the child is over it. The child wants you to react,
which is the sole purpose of the tantrum. By not reacting, you are not giving
your child the satisfaction. They may soon learn that this is not an effective
way to get what they want.

But suppose the bad behavior of your child takes place in a public place
where you cannot just ignore it? What if the temper tantrum is at a store or
venue where they are disturbing others? You should then remove the child from
the environment and place them somewhere that they are not around others. If
they want to continue the temper tantrum, fine. Allow them to continue until
they are finished. Then go about your business. They will soon learn that this
bad behavior is not getting them the desired results.

It can take some patience to deal with bad behavior in children. The second
worst thing that you can do is to react to the temper tantrum. This gives the
child a sense of control. They quickly figure out that this behavior will get
them attention and are more likely to do it again.

The worst possible thing that you can do is to give in to their demands. This
will encourage them to continue with a temper tantrum every time they want
something. This also continues way past the age of two and can last until

Hitting the child does not work, although you may be sorely tempted. The time
out chair only works for an older child who can understand the consequences of
their actions. But as this type of bad behavior starts at the toddler age,
punishment is ineffective as they do not yet have the ability to reason. In
order to quell the bad behavior in children, you need to catch it at an early
age and realize what is making them act out. By not reacting to the temper
tantrum, the child will soon realize that this is not a way to get what he or
she wants.



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