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Cures for the Common Cold

Cures for the Common Cold

December 20
03:22 2010

Cures for the Common Cold

You have the common cold. You are miserable. Your nose is runny and you
can’t stop sneezing. You lay in bed unable to sleep because of your symptoms.
Your body aches and you lay in bed restlessly. There are cold cures that will
minimize your discomfort.

Causes of Colds

The common cold is caused by viruses. It is because the cold is viral that
makes it so difficult to treat. When you go to the doctor and he tells you have
a virus, you usually have to let the virus run its course. Of course, you feel
poorly and want to feel better now so this is little comfort to you. The known
viruses associated with the common cold include the rhinovirus, parvovirus and
parainfluenza. Rhinovirus is known as the cause of the common cold in 30% to
35% in all people. Parainfluenza is commonly associated with respiratory
illnesses. Parainfluenza agglutinates red blood cells; it also contains a
receptor-destroying enzyme.

Symptoms of the Common Cold

There are identifiable symptoms of the common cold. They are: cough, runny
or stuffy nose, itchy or sore throat, low grade fever, congestion, watery eyes,
sneezing, slight body aches and mild fatigue. You can experience some of these
common cold symptoms or all of them. There are cold cures based on your

Entry Point

If you are wondering how you get the common cold in the first place, look to
your nose. Most viruses entry your system through the nasal passage. A reason
that it is so vulnerable is that the nose has receptors that permit the virus to
enter your body.

OTC Remedies

There are aisles available at most drugstores that have extensive sections of
over-the counter (OTC) remedies. Most cold cures will target the most
significant symptoms exhibited. Most of the major pharmaceutical companies
realize that as incidents of the common cold rise, so does the need for their
product. For example, one of the cold cures might treat just the runny nose and
congestion. Yet another will treat the sore throat and the cough.
Additionally there are OTC drugs that will treat many of the ailments of the
common cold in one dosage.

Natural Remedies

Cold cures using natural remedies are very popular as well as effective. As
you look for natural ways to improve your health, you are less likely to use a
product loaded with chemicals as one of the cold cures. Water remains as one of
the #1 common cold essentials. Water flushes the toxins out of your body and
helps to healthy cell growth Cold cures includes some older traditions; they
still have value as a cold cure because they still work. Gargling with a mixture
of salt water is another one of the cold cures. Approximately ½ teaspoon of
salt is combined in 8 ounces of water for an effective cold cure. Other
cold cures that are natural include saline nasal spray which moistures the nose
while it flushes toxins out. The classic in cold remedies is delicious chicken



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