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Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Without Them Knowing

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Without Them Knowing

December 20
03:19 2010

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Without Them Knowing

With all of the garbage that people are consuming on a day to day basis, it’s
become quite difficult to complete the simple task of raising healthy kids. Or
perhaps raising healthy kids was never that easy to begin with. Of course as
with all young children everything is a battle, especially getting them to eat
healthy snacks. Will there ever be an easy way to wean those carb loving sweet
teeth of theirs? If you dare to utter the words “healthy snacks” in the same
sentence in front of your children you will have already taken a step back from
your aspiration of having healthy kids. The term ‘healthy snacks’ will have your
children running in the opposite direction without even glancing at the food in
front of them.

A key factor in trying to get your kids to eat these healthy snacks would be
to make them look fun. Children are attracted to any out of the ordinary or fun
looking objects. They love it even more when these fun-looking objects will be
going into their mouths. It’s funny how they won’t dare stick anything green or
healthy looking in those mouths but they’ll put just about anything else in
their bellies. Out of all healthy snacks as a child, there was one that
particularly stood out – and that is ‘Ants on a Log.’ If you can try to picture
it, the ingredients are really simple: celery, raisins, and peanut butter.

Healthy snacks are usually not as fun as Ants on a Log. Here’s all you have
to do to get your healthy kids started on these creative healthy snacks! First,
you chop up the celery stocks nicely and your healthy kids can all grab a few.
Next, ask them to spread peanut butter along the dip within the celery stocks.
They can apply as much peanut butter as they want. Lastly, hand out some raisins
to each child and then have them place them along their celery portion on top of
the peanut butter they have just spread. If you can’t tell why exactly these
healthy snacks are called Ants on a Log here is the explanation. The celery
portrays the grass, the peanut butter depicts the log, and the raisins signify
the ants. Your healthy kids will be able to relate and have tons of fun making
their own healthy snacks through this activity.

These healthy snacks should incorporate as many vegetables, fruits, and
vitamins as possible. Another tip in making the most out of getting your healthy
kids to consume these healthy snacks would be to find vegetables with subtle
flavors so that you could blend it easily with other foods. Once you camouflage
these vegetables with their usual food hopefully they won’t even be able to tell
the difference. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll have 110% healthy kids
in no time. It could be a fun adventure if you are creative in finding other
healthy snacks for your healthy kids.



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