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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

December 20
03:17 2010

Parkinson’s Disease

Early one morning, in 1991, Michael J. Fox woke up with a slight twitch in
his left hand. Seven years later, Fox publicly revealed that he had Parkinson’s
Disease, vowed to campaign to spread awareness. In the United States alone,
500,000 individuals are currently affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

1. Each nerve cell carries dopamine, sending signals to different parts of
the body, which controls movement. When an individual has Parkinson’s Disease,
their nerve cells are stripped of the dopamine, depleting an individual’s
balance and movement abilities.

2. Although it is commonly known that Parkinson’s Disease negates an
individual’s ability to properly gauge balance and movement externally; it also
affects an individual internally.

3. Although scientists are working diligently to find an origin, the only
hypothesis they can establish is that it generate from an abnormal genes
disorder. However, even that theory is quite vulnerable.

4. The most obvious symptom of Parkinson’s Disease is the external tremor,
shaking or trembling. An individual who suffers from this disease will also
experience slow movement, stiff muscles, and/or imbalance.

5. Just as scientists are attempting to establish an origin, they are also
working to find a cure. The only medicine they currently can prescribe will
merely subside the symptoms of the disease.



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