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Upsides To Stress

Upsides To Stress

December 20
03:12 2010

Upsides To Stress

Most of us experience stress from time to time in our lives. While there are
few upsides to stress, there are ways that we can make stress work for us,
instead of letting it control our lives. Dealing with stress means taking
control of the situation so that dealing with stress becomes easier for you.

In some ways, stress can actually be good for you but only if you make it
work in your favor. Many people let stress run their lives and end up letting
stress getting the better of them. Others are better at dealing with stress and
can actually make it work for them. Have you ever noticed some people do well
when faced with a crisis? Those are the people who are good at dealing with
stress and can turn stressful situations into an opportunity to let the best of
them come out.

We all try to go through our lives in a way that makes them as easy as
possible. Most of us do not go out of our way to find stress and stressful
situations. To the contrary, we look to avoid stress as much as possible. But
what happens is that we end up becoming very complacent with life. When this
occurs, we often grow into a comfort zone that is very safe and secure for us,
but does not force us to take any chances. This can be fine when it comes to
avoiding stress but it does not allow us to grow as human beings.

Taking chances in life means stress. If we become good at dealing with
stress, we will be able to take more chances with our lives and thus end up
becoming more successful. The more chances we take in life that prove to be
beneficial to us, the more our self esteem seems to grow as well. The upside to
stress is that while it can wear us down if we let it get to us, it can also
give us fuel that we need to get fired up and get things done if we become good
at dealing with stress.

Dealing with stress, however, can be taxing on the body as well as the mind.
Even those who are good at dealing with stress need some sort of outlet in order
to be able to manage their stress levels. One of the best ways of dealing with
stress is through physical exercise. Physical exercise will raise the serotonin
levels in your brain, allow you to work off your excess stress and help you cope
with anxious situations.

You can learn to make stress work for you and not allow it to work against
you if you practice different ways in dealing with stress. Having the mindset to
see stress as an opportunity to get something done is one way that you can go
about dealing with stress. Of course, exercise and physical activity will also
make dealing with stress much easier and should be seen as an outlet when it
comes to stress as well as anxiety.



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