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Beating Depression

Beating Depression

December 20
03:09 2010

Beating Depression

You can’t understand why you are feeling the way you do. You are tired,
stressed out, anxious and you can’t sleep. Depression is an illness that
strikes one in fifteen Americans. Depression treatment is important because
depression rarely goes away by itself. Depression is a serious medical illness
that affects thoughts, feeling as well as the basic ability to function.

Symptoms of Depression

If you have one or more of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from
depression: chronic sadness, hopelessness, decreased energy, thoughts of
suicide, restlessness, either weight gain or weight loss and irritability.
Please know that depression treatment will take time but things will improve.
You just need to preserver until that day comes.

Types of Depression

A licensed behavioral therapist will listen to your description of your
depression and set forth a course of depression treatment based on his or her

There are three main types of depression. Major depression is characterized
by symptoms that interfere with your ability to function. It can encompass an
inability to sleep, eat or study. While it can be as a single episode, it is
more likely to be a lifetime illness featuring several major episodes. The
second type of depression is dsythma which is less severe; you can still
function in most areas of your life. The final type of depression is bipolar
disorder. Fewer people have bipolar disorder. It is characterized by extreme
highs and lows in mood swings. For example, in the manic cycle, you would
become overtalkative and overactive. Depression treatment is customized for
your type of depression by your therapist.


Ask your doctor for a referral to a qualified behavioral therapist. A course
of depression treatment is not completed in a week or two. You must make a
commitment to help yourself heal from this mental disease. Your therapist will
discuss your feelings and your physical symptoms in a confidential setting. You
may feel “better” after a couple of sessions. Do not stop going. As stated
before, bipolar disorder has highs and lows. This could be one of the highs.
This could also be a sign of major depression where there are chronic episodes
marked with periods of normalcy in between episodes.


In addition to therapy, you will most likely need medications to help in your
depression treatment. Do not feel embarrassed or resist that you will need
medication to treat your depression. You do not resist taking an aspirin when
you take pain. Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain. Depression
treatment include antidepressants because you most like have a low serotonin
level. Again, it is not your fault. However, you must be a good partner in
your depression treatment. Antidepressants should be continued even though you
may feel that they are not working immediately. They usually take three or more
weeks of daily consumption before you notice a lifting of your spirit and the
ability to function returns. Report any adverse effects to your therapist
immediately. If a rash develops or continued thoughts of suicide, you may have
to change medications.



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