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Tips for Overcoming an Anxiety Attack

Tips for Overcoming an Anxiety Attack

December 20
03:08 2010

Tips for Overcoming an Anxiety Attack

If you have ever experienced an anxiety attack, you will never forget the
feelings you experienced. You had never felt like this before, a total loss of
control. Treating anxiety can be difficult, but it can be done. It is
important to persevere so you can regain control

The Prevalence of Anxiety Attacks

It should comfort you to know that you are not alone. Anxiety attacks have
increased tremendously in the last decade. Over 1,200,000 Americans suffer from
severe anxiety attacks. Treating anxiety has to be made a priority among health
professional in the United States or those statistics will continue to rise.


The symptom of the attacks must be discussed before you can begin treating
anxiety. Overwhelming fear, a feeling of impending dooms, perspiring,
difficulty breathing and dizziness are the most common symptoms. An additional
symptom is a rapid heartbeat. Sometimes you can have a rapid heartbeat and
confuse that with a heart attack. Seek professional help to determine your
condition your illness in that scenario. The most pervasive symptom of an
anxiety attack is the feeling of being out of control.

Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Research has shown that there are four causes of anxiety attacks. In order
to begin treating anxiety, it must first be identified. The first cause of
anxiety attacks is hormonal or chemical imbalances. The second cause is
associated with alcohol or drug abuse. Stress is the third cause of these
attacks. Fourthly, anxiety attacks can be precipitated by traumatic incidents
in your life; these can be past or present incidents. Treating anxiety is based
on the cause.

Triggers of Anxiety Attacks

The triggers (or what starts the attack) can vary. Sometimes, you find that
certain activities will suddenly cause the attack. Some examples can include
flying on an airplane or places where crowds gather such as sporting events or
malls. A subsequent problem when treating anxiety is that one an anxiety attack
occurs, the thought of having another attack becomes one of the triggers.

How to Deal with Anxiety Attacks

The best approach in treating anxiety is to receive therapy from a licensed
behavioral therapist. You can ask your medical doctor for a referral to a
specialist in your area. Your therapist will teach you how to change your
behavior from an overall negative outlook on life to a positive outlook. Your
therapist will discuss the causes of your anxiety.
Another approach in
treating anxiety that only your therapist should supervise involves exposing you
to the fear that caused the anxiety in the first place. Your therapist will
help to desensitize you towards the fear. A combination of therapy and
medication is used when treating anxiety.

Additional Tips

While the best method for treating anxiety is therapy, there are suggested
tips for when you begin to feel anxious. When you can tell that you are having
an attack, stay calm and find a quiet place to calm down. Reassure yourself
that this is only temporary and will pass. This allows you to have control



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