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Decreasing Stress in the Workplace

Decreasing Stress in the Workplace

December 20
03:06 2010

Decreasing Stress in the Workplace

Stress and the workplace seem to go hand in hand. If you are employed right
now during this recession, you feel blessed because you know that the
unemployment rate is extremely high. Stress during difficult financial times
doubles the normal stress at a job where you are overworked. This runs parallel
as you try to balance a professional life with a personal life. Stress
management has never been more important.

Going that extra mile

If your stress is coming from the uncertainty of your current position, the
best defense (as sports people would say) is a good offense. You should
volunteer to head new projects. Do not be the first out the door when the clock
hits five o clock. Managers do notice this. Stress management can be achieved
by feeling that you are a vital part of the team. Ask your supervisor for his
or her input about your progression and look to him or her to become your
mentor. This is not the time for negativity or office gossip.

Improve Your Financial Picture

If you were to take a picture of your balance statement, would it make you
smile or cry? Stress management is also important as you work towards paying
down debt. This stress can actually seep into the work place and cause you to
feel insecure which would affect job performance. The need for stress
management will be lessened if your financial future is more secure.

Successful Time Management

Successful time management at work equates to improved stress management.
Plan your business calendar at the end of the previous business day. This
allows us to understand what your goals are for the upcoming day. This alone
can relieve stress. Time management puts you in charge. Also, realize your
limitations. If you have a concern about meeting an important deadline, discuss
this with your supervisor far in advance. Other staff members may be able to
lessen the load which will lessen stress.

Take a Break

Sometimes effective stress management just means stepping away from your
desk. A lunch with a friend who will listen to you can often relieve a lot of
stress. You could also take a lunchtime walk to clear your mind. If a
situation arises that is high in stress, turn to your supervisor and discuss
possible solutions. Stress management can be accomplished in a variety of

Learn Relaxation Techniques

Stress management can even be done at your desk. The deep breathing
techniques used in meditation can be utilized at work to relieve stress.
Breathe from your lower diaphragm. You know you are doing this correctly if you
see your stomach expand when you inhale instead of your chest. Fill your lung
and slowly release the breath. Do this several times. It is a proven stress
management technique that lowers the blood pressure and slows your heart rate.
Once more oxygen in flowing through your body, you will feel more relaxed.
Meditation is a stress management method that you can use your entire life.



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