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Using Acupuncture To Alleviate Post Partum Depression

Using Acupuncture To Alleviate Post Partum Depression

December 20
03:02 2010

Using Acupuncture To Alleviate Post Partum Depression

Post partum depression is a condition that many women experience after
pregnancy to varying degrees. There are some cases of post partum depression
that can cause women to harm themselves as well as their children. Other women
suffer with post partum for a period of time in silence, not understanding what
is wrong with them. Acupuncture can help to relieve these symptoms.

Acupuncture is an ancient healing remedy that has been used for thousands of
years to cure various ailments. It puts pressure on different nerves of the body
in order to send signals to the brain to eliminate pain as well as relieve
symptoms of depression. Because post partum is a form of depression that is
caused by a hormonal imbalance, acupuncture is a safe alternate to hormone
therapy when it comes to treating this condition.

Depression is a common illness that strikes various individuals at different
stages in life. Many doctors believe that depression is caused by a chemical
imbalance in the brain. The brain does not receive enough serotonin in order to
function properly. The lack of serotonin is what causes the depressive moods.
Scientists believe that many depression cases are caused by a hormone imbalance.
Acupuncture can be useful in cases where a hormonal imbalance is causing
depression as it can trigger the brain to produce serotonin.

Many people think that acupuncture is only accomplished with the use of
needles. However, there are new ways that acupuncture is used where needles do
not pierce the skin. This is not a painful process and can send signals to the
brain that can give an elevated mood as well as relieve pain. In addition to
using acupuncture to treat post partum depression, it can also be used to treat
other hormonal imbalances that can cause mood dysfunction such as post menstrual

Women who are suffering from post partum depression are often prescribed
hormone therapy or anti depressants as a way to alleviate these symptoms. The
problem with these therapies is that they can have negative side effects. They
also are not used for women who are nursing babies. Acupuncture, on the other
hand, does not have any negative side effects and is safe to use even on women
who are nursing. This alternate form of therapy works well to increase serotonin
to the brain without having to resort to the use of drugs for this purpose.

Post partum depression generally will last for about six weeks after the
birth of the baby, although some women find that it lasts a little longer or
shorter amount of time. Women who are experience the blues after they have their
babies and want to find relief from this feeling of depression can do so with
the safe use of acupuncture. There is no reason any longer for women to suffer
in silence with this very common malady that strikes many women who have given
birth. Women can take advantage of the treatment offered by acupuncture to
relieve their symptoms of post partum depression that are the result of a
hormonal balance after giving birth.



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