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Can You Trust An At-Home Fertility Test?

Can You Trust An At-Home Fertility Test?

December 20
03:01 2010

Can You Trust An At-Home Fertility Test?

If you have been having difficulty getting pregnant, you should know that you
are not alone. There are a large number of women who are trying to get pregnant
that are having trouble doing so and are looking for a fertility test that will
help them plan when to have intercourse with the highest chance of

Women have been waiting for an accurate test that they can do in the privacy
of their own home that will help them conceive in the shortest amount of time.
If you are wondering whether you can trust an at home fertility test, the short
answer is yes, but there are a lot of different factors which can be

If you are looking for an accurate test, look for a fertility test that is
easy to read. Some of the methods such as basal body temperature testing and
cervical mucus evaluation can be reliable but an accurate test is one that has
little room for misinterpretation of the results. A fertility test such as a
chemical ovulation predictor test may be more up your alley.

Are you unsure how you can use basal body temperature and cervical mucus as a
fertility test? An accurate test of basal body temperature relies on the fact
that although a woman’s body temperature fluctuates, on a day when a woman
ovulates she can experience an increase in her basal body temperature. It is not
a huge increase, only about .2 to .4 of a degree, but it is a large change when
compared to daily changes.

An accurate test of cervical mucus indicates that a woman has ovulated when
her cervical mucus thins out and becomes tacky, almost like egg whites. This
indicates that a woman’s cervix is ready to make the passing of sperm through
into the reproductive tract much faster and easier so that a woman has a better
chance of conceiving.

An ovulation predictor test is often the most popular form of fertility test
that is available over the counter. It can be an excellent fertility test since
it measures the amounts of fertility-related hormones in the blood stream. If
certain hormones are present in larger amounts it can be a definite indication
that ovulation has or is about to occur. The wonderful thing about ovulation
predictor tests is that they can help narrow down how many days it will be until
a woman ovulates.

It can be a less accurate test however if certain conditions exist. A
fertility test such as an ovulation predictor test can be rendered useless if a
woman is taking fertility treatments, if her cycle is irregular or she is sick
or under stress. Fertility test results may be completely skewed in the case of
fertility treatments since the treatments introduce abnormal levels of hormones
into the system.

Another issue with a fertility test that can be performed in the home can be
the cost. A basal temperature thermometer is not expensive but if you are
looking for a more accurate test, a fertility test that uses a computerized unit
to read the results can be quite pricey. Expect to pay well over a hundred
dollars for a fertility test which is digital. And remember, if the conditions
mentioned above exist, no matter how expensive the fertility test is, it still
may not be the accurate test you want it to be.

The most accurate test that you can get will be one performed by a doctor. An
accurate fertility test will analyze blood to detect hormone levels. Another
accurate test is performed by doing an ultrasound of the uterus. If you want an
accurate test that will tell you when your fertility levels are at their peak,
make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your doctor.



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