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Human Papilloma virus

Human Papilloma virus

December 20
02:35 2010

Human Papilloma virus

At this very moment, 20 million people are currently infected. 50% of all
individuals who engage in sexual activity in some time in their life, will
become infected. Not to worry, there are actually 100 types of the Human
Papillomavirus (HPV) in this group; most of which can not harm you.

1. The HPV live in the body’s epithelial cells. These flat and thin cells are
are found on the skin’s surface; predominately around orifices. 60 of the 100
types of HPV, cause small reaction warts on the hands and feet, but the other 40
are sexually transmitted.

2. If an individual contracts one of the 60 HPV strands which is not sexually
transmitted, they will experience, warts on their hands and feet. On the other
hand if an individual contracts, one of the 40 sexually transmitted HPV strands,
it can lie within a human’s body without notice, until irritation. Once the
indvidual irritates the infection it can cause irreprable damage to cervix,
penile, or anal cells.

3. The 40 sexually transmitted HPV strands are contracted through infected
genital skin, mucous membranes, or bodily fluids; during intercourse or oral

4. The initial symptoms of HPV will be scattered warts around the infected
area. If this symptom goes without treating, an individual can experience severe
internal damage, to their cervix, penile, or anal cells.

5. There is no current cure for HPV, but it will normally go away on its own.
If the infection does not dissapear on its own, an individual can take one of
the several HPV vaccinations.



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