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Organic Preventions for Yeast Infections

Organic Preventions for Yeast Infections

December 20
02:34 2010

Organic Preventions for Yeast Infections

Most every infection can be shared by men and women. There is no infection
that is distinct to male or females. Even the yeast infection. That’s right, the
yeast infection can be contracted by males and females. The yeast infection is
contracted through a variety of ways , but it always enters the body in the same
fashion; through the urethra. This area of the body must not only be properly
washed daily, but must be surrounded with the correct surroundings. Along with
the clothing you wear, it is suggested to implement certain food items in your
diet. Such as, yogurt, garlic, or cranberry juice. No matter which variety of
preventions you choose, they should always remain organic. The body can easily
digest organic foods, and begin incorporating the nutrients immediately.

1. Yogurt: Yogurt is plentiful in the bacteria lactobacillus acidophilu. This
bacteria enhances your immune system and balances the chemicals in the body.
Although non-flavored yogurt does not taste the best, it is reccomended to have
atleast one cup every two days, in order to keep a balanced system.

2. Garlic: Do not worry, it is not reccomended to chew raw garlic, but a bit
of chopped garlic in a daily meal is. This food product contains anti-bacterial
and anti-fungal properties which stave off yeast infections.

3. Tea Tree Oil: This prevention is hands down, the most relaxing. Take three
drops of tea tree oil, place in a full bath, and relax. Although three drops
sounds miniscule, it is an extremely strong anti-septic, which aids in the
prevention of yeast infections.

4. Camomille: The herb of camomille is a natural dietretic, which enhances
the abillity to flush all toxins and chemicals through your system. This herb
can be supplemented in a tea or in a soup.

5. Cranberries: While cranberry juice is a natural dietretic, your chances at
any infections, especially yeast, are severly diminished when digesting the
actual berry. The berry itself not only bolsters your immune system, but it
actually strengthens your urinary tract.

6. Black Walnut: The best source of protein are from the simple walnuts and
almonds at your local grocery store. None of these though, actually gives us as
much nutrients as the black walnut. Along with enhancing your immune system, the
high amount of protein strengthens your muscular system. The muscular system may
seem non exsistent during a yeast infection, but a strong muscular system can
actually aid in the prevention.

7. Foods to Cut Down: It may be easy to add additional items to your grocery
list, but the hardest part is cutting back on a few; especially some of the best
tasting. Although carbohydrates should be half of your daily intact, it should
not be high in yeast. That means all Italian breads, most pastas, and snacks,
must be cut down. When you continually add the precise ingrediants into your
body that you are trying to avoid, it can become a problem.



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