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Winter Skin Tips (Women)

Winter Skin Tips (Women)

December 20
02:33 2010

Thanksgiving has just come to end, the winter months are right around the
corner, and you can already feel your skin drying out. This skin crippling dry
air can not only age you quicker, but will permanently effect the skin. In order
to remain young throughout this holiday season, take this advice.

1. Serum: Instead ditching your face cream, just apply a moisturizing serum
first. Each serum is light weight in consistency, and penetrates the skin deeply
with nutrients.

2. Foundation: Each women should alter their foundation’s finish with the
change in the season. Instead of the normal foundations, try ones with water and
glycerin as main ingredients, in order to replenish the skin.

3. Sun Screen: UV Rays are just as dangerous in the winter as they are in the
summer. In some cases, such as, glare from snow or building, actually produces
shorter, more dangerous UV Rays.

4. Indoor Heat: Indoor Heat is one of the main culprits for a flaky
complexion. If the individual actually turned down the heat by a few degrees,
the bone dry air would not flake out an individuals skin.

5. Liquid Nutrients: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. During the winter months it
is fairly easy to unconsciously dehydrate your skin. If an individual drinks the
recommended 8 eight ounce glasses, it will aid in the individual’s

6. Light Lotion: Just because the weather is colder, does not mean you should
apply a thick facial cream. Actually the light weight lotions can make the skin
look vibrant. If an individual applies too much cream on their face, it can
block out the hydration.

7. Shaving: It is a myth, that shaving is one of the main proponents to flaky
skin. In actuality, shaving can rid the skin of any existing flakes or
sand-papery skin.

8. Hot Bathes: More soaking does not equal more moisture. If an individual is
craving a warm/hot bath, limit the time down to five minutes. If an individual
soaks in the bath any longer, it can dehydrate the skin.

9. Exfoliate: It is a common mistake to apply moisturizer during the winter
months. The true solution is to exfoliate. The best time for this procedure is
right after a shower, when the skin is soft.

10. Licking Lips: Licking lips is the main culprit to dried out lips. In
essence saliva, is acidic, in order to break down food, which in turn will dry
out lips on contact.



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