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Proper Steps When Doing a Self Breast Examination

Proper Steps When Doing a Self Breast Examination

December 20
02:31 2010

Proper Steps When Doing a Self Breast Examination

Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer found in women. One in
eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. In 2008, there were
182,460 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed. During that same year,
over 67,600 new cases of in situ breast cancer were diagnosed. A total of
40,480 women in the United States died from breast cancer. You also need to
know that breast cancer can also affect the men in your life. In 2008 1,990 new
cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed. With a self examination, it
is also a cancer that can be found early. By performing a monthly exam, you
increase your chances of detection and survival.



The first step in breast self examination is to lie down on your back. The
most natural place to conduct a breast exam is on your bed. Position a pillow
underneath your right shoulder.

Step 2

Begin your self examination by using the pads of the three middle fingers on
your left hand to conduct a breast exam on your right

Step 3

Use alternating touch while doing your self examination. Use alternate
light, medium and firm pressure as you conduct your breast exam. Press in a
circular pattern. Keep your fingers in continuous contact with your right
breast during the self examination. This will ensure that the entire breast
area is thoroughly examined.
Step 4

While conducting the self examination, follow an up and down pattern. This
has been found to be the most effective way to do a breast exam.

During the breast exam, feel for any changes to your right breast, your
armpit and to the area above and below the collarbone. A thorough self
examination should be completed in all of these areas.

Step 6

Repeat the self examination instructions for the right breast exam. It
should be noted that it is not necessary to conduct a breast exam while lying on
a bed. A self examination can also be completed while showering or

Step 7

In addition to the breast self examination by lying down, you can also do a
breast exam while positioned in front of a mirror. It is recommended that both
types of examinations should be done because it doubles the likelihood that any
breast changes can be detected. It is true that early detection can save

Step 8

Begin the breast exam by holding your arms at your side. Look for any
changes to the breast or collarbone area.

Step 9

Continue the self examination by holding your arms over your head. Again
look for any changes to the breasts, collarbone area as well as to your

Step 10

Place your hands on your hips and constrict your chest muscle. Notice any
areas that appear different.

Step 11

Conclude by bending forward with your hands on your hips. This type of
breast exam using a mirror may show a lump that perhaps you did not feel while
lying down.



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