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5 Ways to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

5 Ways to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

December 20
02:30 2010

5 Ways to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

This form of cancer strikes women at any age though research has found
certain pre-existing conditions that predict the possibility of ovarian cancer.
The body may throw up signals that allow for effective cancer prevention or
family history may increase the risk of developing this type of cancer. Regular
screenings and pelvic examinations are required after menopause. Ovarian cancer
is an elusive disease that can strike women at any age. The reasons for this
form of cancer are unknown though there are some steps towards cancer

Family history

If you or your parent, sibling or child has been a patient of ovarian cancer,
your chances of developing the disease are higher. The presence of breast,
uterus or intestinal cancer in the family can also be a factor to increase your
chances of developing this. Cancer prevention can be done with effective
communication with your doctor and a strong sense that your body’s health is in
your hands.

Repeated miscarriage

Repeated miscarriages may predispose you to ovarian cancer. If your doctor
gives you a diagnosis of ‘molar pregnancy’, check whether it is advisable to try
for natural conception. Understand the nature of this tendency and a realistic
view can aid cancer prevention while allowing you to consider the options to
exercise. If you find yourself pregnant, undergo an ultrasound in the third
month to ascertain child health. It is important to get a second opinion if your
doctor writes off the possibility of ovarian cancer despite your family history
and pregnancy history. Cancer prevention is in your hands and demands your
conscious involvement in the face of medical perceptions.


Ovarian cancer shows few overt symptoms that allow for cancer prevention. If
you have unusual bleeding during menstruation or after menopause, ask your
doctor to check for the presence of ovarian cancer. Be aware that a normal Pap
smear will check for the presence of cervical cancer. Regular blood tests can
help your doctor to keep track of certain hormones that increase beyond
acceptable limits and aid cancer prevention.

Regular checks

If you have never been pregnant, have had unsuccessful pregnancies, feel an
unusual shortness of breath and swelling in the abdomen, get yourself checked on
a regular basis. The tests for ovarian cancer are normally recommended to be
carried out on a half-yearly basis. If you develop any new symptoms in the
interim, take charge of cancer prevention and approach your doctor

Enjoy life

You have only this moment to live and the possibility of ovarian cancer or
any other disease is about as high as that of getting killed in an accident or
natural calamity. An effective method of cancer prevention is the adoption of a
positive mental frame. Positivity is the key to intra-cellular health. If your
history shows that you might have a tendency towards the disease, communicate
with others who have gone through the disease and survived. Find out alternative
methods of treatment that allow you to try overcoming ovarian cancer without
invasive options. Cancer prevention by right food and lifestyle choices must be
supported by right thinking habits as well.



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