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Turn Back Your Biological Clock

Turn Back Your Biological Clock

December 20
02:28 2010

Turn Back Your Biological Clock

If you are a woman who is getting older, you may be looking for ways to turn
back the biological clock and increase fertility. This is because a woman’s
chances of getting pregnant drop from about 20 percent at age 30 to about 5
percent after the age of 40. As you can see, it is important to turn back the
biological clock so that you have a chance to increase fertility levels. Diet
can be one of the easiest and most pleasant ways to do this.

Your biological clock refers to the way that the cells in your body are
changing. A woman’s fertility chances decrease as the number and quality of her
eggs shrinks over time. In order to increase fertility you need to ensure that
your body is functioning as efficiently as possible and that your systems are in
as good a condition as it can be. An increase fertility-wise can be found if the
body is being properly fed with the correct nutrients and its cardiovascular and
endocrine systems are working at peak efficiency. This overall health
improvement can benefit your biological clock.

There are different ways that you can affect your biological clock but the
diet you are eating can have a direct, powerful and measurable effect on your
fertility levels. Diet can influence body weight and supply important nutrients
that can help boost all of the systems of the body, including the endocrine
system. It is the endocrine system which controls the production of hormones and
these can help slow the advancement of your biological clock making it easier to
increase fertility.

Eating a balanced diet can help increase fertility by ensuring that you are
getting the right amounts of different nutrients. Recently studies have shown
that different nutrients and anti-oxidants. There are other dietary changes that
you should make as well. A good pregnancy diet should be full of a variety of
fruits and vegetables. To increase fertility it should be low in trans fats,
since they have shown to accelerate your biological clock by interfering with
the body’s functioning on a cellular level.

There is one nutrient complex that is considered to be essential to improving
the time showing on your biological clock. Omega fatty acids are excellent for
all systems of the body. They have been proven to benefit the immune and
reproductive systems and contribute to the healthy development of cells
throughout the body. Omega fatty acids allow hormones to bond more easily with
receptor cells in the reproductive system and this can increase fertility. They
are one of the best ways to turn back your biological clock.

To increase fertility using Omega fatty acids, it is important to get a high
quality source of them. Salmon and other cold water fish have been found to
contain high levels. Increase fertility and improve your biological clock by
eating at least two to three servings of fish weekly. If you don’t want to eat
fish, there are other sources of omega fatty acids that can slow the advancement
of your biological clock and overall health. One safe and effective way to get
the levels you need to increase fertility is through the consumption of flax
seed oil.

If you want to increase fertility you will need to fight your biological
clock. The tricky thing is that women age at different rates and some women will
need to work harder to increase fertility. Try using a varied diet and the
inclusion of supplements like flax seed oil in order to do this and stop your
biological clock from ticking quite so loudly.



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