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Body Image: What Men See That We Don’t

Body Image: What Men See That We Don’t

December 20
02:26 2010

Body Image: What Men See That We Don’t

There are so many women out there who are dieting and exercising to excess.
And why are they doing this? They are doing this because they have a distorted
body image and misconceptions about what men find attractive. Did you know that
there is a huge difference between what men find attractive and what women think
men find attractive? The idea that a size two body is attractive to men is one
of many damaging misconceptions women are prone to and it can have harmful
effects on a woman’s body image and her health.

There is an image portrayed in the media that a smaller dress size can make
us more successful and bring us love. The fashion and beauty industry plays
havoc with a woman’s body image and a woman may have misconceptions that what
the fashion industry says is attractive is something that men enjoy.

If you are having body image issues, it can be hard to realize that these
misconceptions exist. It is interesting that some of the base ideas of beauty
are actually the opposite of what society is pushing. A huge part of attraction
and the idea of beauty is based on selecting a healthy mate and there are a few
things that you need to do so that go against what fashion is telling us.

In order to conceive, carry and nurture a healthy baby, a woman needs breasts
and hips. She also needs some body fat. These are things that are very deeply
ingrained in a man’s psyche and while some men may deviate from this norm, the
idea that all men do is one of the most harmful misconceptions around.

At its worst, misconceptions that a woman has about her body can lead to body
dysmorphic disorder. This is a disease that amplifies a woman’s misconceptions
and gives her a distorted view of her own body image. It can actually affect
both males and females. If a person with body dysmorphic disorder looks in the
mirror, their body image is so distorted that they may see themselves as being
grossly overweight when in fact they may be dangerously underweight.

Men often tend to look at the entire woman when they are assessing her
attractiveness. Common misconceptions are that men want someone who is very
slender, often with large breasts and a slender waist. But these ideals are just
that, misconceptions. A woman’s body image can be negatively affected if she
feels that she does not look like a lingerie model. But what a woman thinks a
man wants and what a man wants are two different things.

Although a man does want a woman who is physically attractive, following
generalizations can create misconceptions. It is a disservice to men to
generalize them as being only interested in a slender, big breasted physique.
Men are also interested in being with women who seem very confident and
comfortable in their skin. In fact, a woman who is comfortable with her own body
image can be tremendously attractive to a man if she shows that she knows what
she wants, and what she wants is him.

Body image can be a tricky thing to deal with. A woman’s body image is often
established when she is quite young and a number of external factors can
influence it positively and negatively. If you take the time to examine your own
body image and focus on health rather than a dress size, you can begin to live a
happier and healthier life.



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