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December 09
00:58 2010


If I told you that one half of the Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd; the creator
of Pokemon, Sathoshi Tajiri; and lead singer of the Top Ten group, the Vines,
Craig Nicholls; all suffer from a brain disorder. A brain disorder which make
difficult for an individual to communicate or even relate to other human beings.
Although, physicians and doctors are still unsure of the precise origin of
Autism, studies have revealed the symptoms and their effects.

1. Doctors are currently debating over two different, but very noticeable
theories; nature vs. nurture. Some scientists believe that the patients, inherit
the disease through their family, while others preach that an individuals
surroundings are the cause.

2. The symptoms for autism are mainly conveyed at an early age. The child
shows prolonged delays in speech development or unnecessarily repeats habits.
Like most diseases a child can suffer from a very high functioning, to a more
severe version. Individuals suffering from a severe form of autism will also
most likely experience below normal intelligence, epilepsy, or depression.

3. Unfortunately, because autism is such a fragile disease, there is no
pharmaceutical cure for the disease. The individual must undergo special
behavioral training. This practice uses a system of positive and negative
reinforcement in order to create a strict internal discipline. Remember every
individual who is stricken with autism is different, so each case must be
handled differently.

4. If you are a parent or a loved one of someone with autism, there are
regimented steps to success. First off, the task of taking care of child with
autism can be a very difficult one, so allow yourself the occasional break. As
the child gets older, do not be afraid to ask for help. Exercise humility.
Although you may experience everyday, does not mean you know everything about
the disease. In order to establish a better understanding of the disease; get in
contact with another family who has a child with autism.



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