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Do Not Run, Without Reading This!

Do Not Run, Without Reading This!

December 20
05:05 2010

Do Not Run, Without Reading This!

On October 10, 2009 Peter Curtin was approaching the 25 mile-marker in the
Baltimore marathon, when he suddenly collapsed and died. On October 18, 2009,
three runners – men aged 26,36,65 died within a 16 minute span during the
Detroit half marathon. The highly acclaimed New York City marathon, even had two
men die during the race. Why do the hearts of such highly conditioned men fail
during exercise designed to make their hearts stronger? Is there something wrong
with endurance exercises as a healthy activity? In essence, yes and no.

1. Physician: If an individual wants to participate in an endurance activity
or an endurance race, he/she must consult their local physician. Although your
friend or family member can handle the exercise, it does not mean your body can.
Each body is different and varies with the amount of intensity it can

2. Dehydration: This is the main catalyst for injury during an endurance
race. Although 26.2 or 13.1 miles sounds like a long distance; trust me it is
even longer than you think. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. It is imperative to an
individual’s body that it remain hydrated. Our muscles and organ system work in
the way that a camel’s hump does (merely an analogy). If we consume copious
amounts of water, it will aid our bodies for hours.

3. Inflammation: The constant pounding of running on concrete can cause an
inflammation in an individual’s knees or lower back. Individuals who suffer from
pre-existing knee or back ailments, consult your local physician.

4. Cardiac System: Doctors theorize that the reason individuals die during
endurance races, is because of a malfunction in the cardiac system. As with
joint ailments, any individual experiencing pre-existing ailments must consult a
doctor before participation.

Upon the doctors approval, the individual must consult seasoned endurance
runners. Once you have contacted them, ask them how to breathe. “But, I know how
to do that”. You know how to unconsciously breathe, but every breath is
extremely important in an endurance race. Since, every breath is important,
there is a form to the action, which will best aid your health.

5. Form: In order to protect your lower back, knees, and other joints an
individual must perfect his form. This can be done in several different ways
(i.e. practice, the Road Runners store’s technical breakdown, mirroring).



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