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Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease

December 20
05:03 2010

Mad Cow Disease

In the early 1990′s, the news outlets were drowning with the infectious
fright of the Mad Cow Disease. Although the outbreak took the appearance of a
disease for the ages, it was fortunately an exaggeration.

In reality, the disease is extremely rare in humans. Actually, there have
only been a few reported cases of the disease in humans.

The disease itself, is caused by prions located within the cattle. If the
cattle had contracted a virus, the proteins within the cow’s body may turn into
prions. The spread of this virus will occur when a farmer feeds a cow animal
products from an infected animal. Now, once the cattle is slaughtered for
consumption, the prions remain. In turn, these prions enter our body, resulting
in an internal virus.

Unfortunately it takes anywhere from two to eight years to show any signs of
the actual disease. The prions or Mad Cow disease can cause sponge like holes
within the central nervous system, or even the brain. Although these symptoms
sound horrifying, it rarely ever gets to that level. The initial symptoms
include insomnia, anxiety, and depression mixed with the average cold

While there is no cure for the disease, there are Mad Cow disease treatments
which can suppress and subside the actual symptoms.



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