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Sharp Memory Enhancers

Sharp Memory Enhancers

December 20
05:01 2010

Sharp Memory Enhancers

7% of the worlds population is currently of the age of 65. That is 500
million people! Scientists and doctors are continuing to conduct studies and
research a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, but individually we cam
sharpen our tool for prevention.

1. Gum: Recent studies have shown that the actual action of chewing gum can
improve alertness and memory. The studies which were conducted, demanded
students to learn phases and recall the lesson in a specific test. The students
that were chewing, actually did better on the test. Although the doctors have no
foregone conclusion for this outcome, they theorize that chewing gum increases a
heart rate, which subsequently increases blood flow to the brain.

2. Exercise: Get out there and break a sweat. That’s right exercise is good
for you! (too sarcastic). Research studies over the past few years have
recognized that exercise not only enhances the immune system, but it can be
highly beneficial to an individual’s memory performance. This practice will not
only keep you sharp, now, but help retain your mental strength.

3. Read: Doctors have recently discovered that individuals that read before
bed, are susceptible to sharp, mental performance. This practice forces an
individuals to work both sides of their at the same time (i.e. retain
information & imagination). The best way to sharpen your memory is to choose
a book with a subject you are not informed in. Learning new techniques, ideas,
and stories is a great way to heighten your mind.

4. Daytime Naps: Although this action may seem contradictory to the list, day
time naps actually enhance your declarative memory (memory which facts are

5. Alcohol: Do not get too excited. The Friday night binge for your friend’s
birthday does not count in the least. However, a glass of red wine or a glass of
beer can actually enhance an individual’s memory with the liquid



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