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Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

December 20
05:01 2010

Thyroid Cancer

There is a good chance you could have a thyroid nodule. Not to worry, a
nodule is a small lump that commonly arises within an otherwise normal thyroid
gland. 95% of all thyroid nodules are benign. In fact, one 12-15 young and one
in 40 young men have a thyroid nodule. Most of the actual nodules are cysts,
which are filled with fluid rather than tissue. However, 37,000 new cases of
thyroid cancer occur each year. Although it is a rare cancer in comparison to
others, it is extremely aggressive, and must be treated as such.

Signs & Symptoms: The initial symptoms of thyroid cancer are a hoarse
voice, neck pain, or enlarged lymph nodes. 75% of the population will eventually
grow a thyroid nodule. Although, 95% of these nodules are benign, it is
important to have the lump checked by a local physician immediately upon

Types: Thyroid cancer is a blanket term for four different types of cancer;
Papillary and/or mixed papillary/follicular, Follicular and/or Hurthle cell,
Medullary, and Anaplastic.

Prognosis: Thyroid cancer is normally diagnosed by sticking a needle into the
thyroid nodule, in order to obtain medical information. Once the doctor
establishes a particular form of treatment, depending on the severity, it is a
commonly curable cancer. In fact, papillary thyroid cancer is the most curable
form of cancer.

Treatments: Since the thyroid gland absorbs iodine out of the bloodstream,
chemotherapy is the perfect form of treatment for this cancer. If the patient
would not participate in chemotherapy sessions, surgery is also an available
form of treatment.



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