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Tips to a Better Sleep

Tips to a Better Sleep

December 20
05:00 2010

Tips to a Better Sleep

It is 2AM. I have spent the last few hours tossing and turning in my bed. It
seems impossible to find the “right position”. How come I can not fall

There are a variety of factors that contribute to a better sleep. Take the
tips from below, to ensure that shut eye.

1. Consistency: Attempt to go to bed and wake up at around the same time
everyday. This pattern will allow your body to establish a “circadian rhythm”.
Although it is tempting to sleep in on the weekends, it can actually throw off
the entire upcoming week’s pattern. Once, the pattern is kilter, it takes about
two weeks to establish a balance once again.

2. Wind Down Ritual: After a hard day at work, or a rigorous exercise it is
important to incorporate a wind down ritual. At the end of every day spend 20-30
minutes to relax; mentally and physically. This ritual should involve one
activity such as, a bath, reading, television, or a simple cup of tea.

3. Bedroom Sanctuary: The bed is an individual’s place of rest; treat it as
such. This rest is imperative to your mental and biological rejuvenation; the
bed should be comfortable, welcoming.

4. Bedroom Environment: An estimated 1 and 3 fall asleep to a form of media
(i.e. music, television). This slight distraction can make the difference
between a deep sleep or a few hours of rest. The environment should be dark with
a cool comfortable temperature; thus allowing for a better rest.

5. If the area of your house/apartment coincides with external noise, it is
in your best interest to invest in a noise machine. The most recommended machine
is the white noise (the static channel noise) machine can filter out any
surrounding noises.

6. Hot Bath/Shower: Studies have shown that individuals will fall asleep
quicker and have a better sleep, if the person takes a hot bath or shower before
bed. This allows the individual to ease their mind, while relaxing their

7. Exercise: A rigorous exercise, at one point during the day, will aid in a
better sleep. If an individual takes part in a daily exercise, they will expend
energy, that would potentially hinder them from a proper sleep later on.

8. Alcohol: “I was so drunk, I passed out”. No you didn’t. Actually, when an
individual drinks before bed, they rarely experience the REM (rapid eye
movement) stage of sleep. So, put down the bottle and get some real rest.



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