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Top 10 Bacterial Infections

Top 10 Bacterial Infections

December 20
04:58 2010

Top 10 Bacterial Infections

You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, drive your car to work, walk up
the stairs to your office, shake hands with employees, and all the while you
have not thought once, about the deadliest item surrounding your day; bacteria.
Bacteria is a microscopic organism that floats through the air, lives on
intimate objects, and thrives on the scientific make up of your body. Throughout
time bacteria has caused infections that have plagued all individuals, but no
infection has destroyed the very fabric of our livelihood like the following

1. Anthrax: This disease garnered notoriety through the most recent “war on
terror” This bacterial infection releases toxins in the blood stream, while
dissecting your immune system. Anthrax has been known to cause severe cases of
illness and in several cases, death.

2. Pneumonia: As a bacterial infection, pneumonia is a disease that preys on
vulnerable immune systems. If an individual gets pneumonia he/she may fight it
off with the proper medicine, but if the individual suffers from a weak immune
system is may cause death. Although the symptoms may seem like a severe flu, it
is much more serious than that.

3. Legionaries Disease: The bacterial infection of Legionaries Disease,
survive in wet environments. The infection will cause symptoms similar to the
flu, but if not taken care of early, can cause renal disease.

4. Tuberculosis: Better known as TBC, Tuberculosis, has been around since as
long as humankind. One third of individuals carry the bacterial infection, but
only a few will suffer from severe shaking, loss in weight, coughing, and bloody

5. Gonorrhea: Nowadays, known as an Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) or a
Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), gonorrhea has been an infection that has
plagued several generations of people. This bacterial infection produces
reddening in genitalia, inflammation in the genitals, irritation in the urethra
in men, and the uterus in women.

6. Syphliss: This bacterial infection is the most severe sexually transmitted
disease out of all of them. This disease has been known to lead to lesions, skin
eruptions, hair loss, and even death.

7. The Black Plague: Although the most recent generation has not seen the
effects of this bacterial infection, it is known as one of the most horrific
infections. This infection began with rats, traveling to other animals, then to
domestic animals, and eventually to humans wiping out over 100 millions

8. Cholera: The bacterial infection of Cholera is transmitted through
infected feces. This unnerving infection leads to dehydration and constant

9. Typhiod: Typhiod is a bacterial infection that is repersented in
contaminated foods and liquids. This contamination can lead to constant
headaches, diarrhea, and constipation. This infection must be treated
immediattely in order to properly fight it. This infection alone has killed 20
million people since 1914.

10. Tetanus: Any open wound, abbrasion, or cut is a gateway for tetanus. This
infection causes fever, pain, and spasms of the neck and jaw.



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