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Top Causes of Staph Infections

Top Causes of Staph Infections

December 20
04:57 2010

Top Causes of Staph Infections

Although that small cut on your finger may seem minuscule, it is a portal for
all bacteria. The most common disease causing bacteria is the Staphylococcus
aureus, better known as Staph Infection. This infection can find its way into
your body through several different avenues, in several different ways and it is
extremely important to deal with it right away. Although most cases of the staph
infection are cured, there have been instances of severe illness or even death.
You may come in contact with the infection in a locker room at school or at a
gym, on the wrestling mats at school, or even on the ground outside.

1. Contaminated objects: This common ground can be nullified through several
different proactive actions. Always wash your clothes after every work out, this
will rid your clothes of any potential bacteria. If you are active in your high
school or college or even local sports team, make sure to rinse down all
equipment after using. Bacteria thrives in a warm, unwashed area. And if you
participate in hiking, biking, or running. Make sure to wash your shoes and
change your socks on a consistent basis. It is a common thing to forget to wash
you shoes, but with the amount of bacteria your shoes absorb, it is a must. Now
that all the preemptive actions are clear, let’s lay out the ways in which it
effects your body. The most contiminated object after sports is your body. The
staph infection thrives in extreme temperatures and salt. Each of these can be
remedied with a simple post game or post workout shower.

2. Skin-to-skin: Any individual that frequently comes in contact with several
individuals should always take the right precautions. This situation occurs
normally under the umbrella of sports, but it can happen anywhere. If any
individual touches the area of the infected wound, they may retain the infection
themselves. If you in fact, have a wound, cut, or abrasion, it must be covered
at all times.

3. Roomates: A common occurence of spreading this infection in individual’s
who share a different items while living together. Although generosity may seem
tempting, make sure that each roomate has his/her items within the house or
apartment. The infection is so strong that if once it is set on an inatimate
object, it remains till the next individual unknowingly picks it up.

4. Shower: Several people that carry the bacteria for a possible staph
infection never actually get it. This anonymous carrier syndrome lulls people
into a state of ignorance. Just because you do not have any clear signs of
infection, does not mean you are not carrying it. The best possible preemptive
action is to shower daily. Each time an individual showers, he/she rids his body
of any free form bacterias.



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