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Live Skin Grafts Helps Wounds Heal

Live Skin Grafts Helps Wounds Heal

December 20
04:56 2010

Live Skin Grafts Helps Wounds Heal

Normally, skin has the inherent ability to grow back, helping wounds to heal
quickly. However, in cases of large or deep wounds, skin may become infected,
inhibiting a wound’s ability to grow new cells.

Now, doctors specializing in wound management have begun to grow skin to help
troublesome wounds heal. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are now
extracting collagen from donated skin to create grafts, or patches, of skin that
can induce a patient’s skin to grow. The patches are placed into the wound,
spurring growth. It can be seen as a sort of platform for a patient’s cells to
attach to, enabling the skin to grow.

The donated skin can come from many different sources, ranging from the
foreskin of a baby to the organs of animals such as cows. Different companies
produce different patches, including a New Zealand company including honey in
their patch. These grafts vary in thickness, size, and ability to generate
tissue. Depending on the injury, a patient would receive the proper graft for
their most effective recovery.

Wound management experts claim that scientists are able to take something as
small as a baby’s foreskin and produce four football fields of usable skin.

Patients suffering from peripheral artery disease, pressure ulcers and
diabetes may benefit the most from the new discovery. Since they lack feeling
in their peripherals, simple blisters or wounds can easily become infected and
turn into infected sores. The new skin grafts can also help those suffering
from severe burns to encourage skin growth.



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